A cute puzzle strategy game full of exciting graphic effects and with computer opponents ranging from only 1 to a full blown of 3! It can be played with a second player on the same computer as well against the computer opponents.

Online full demo version (28MB, needs Java 1.6 for automatic deployment & installation). A smaller, more restricted applet demo and a WebStart version of it is also available (5.7MB)

Live (online) Scores

Crazy Space achieved high acclaim from the Casual Games Industry in October 2007, being one of the finalists in the Main Contest in the CGA Innovative Conference 2007!

    Crazy Space game features:
  • 3 different and exciting game modes
  • 50 entertaining stages available in total
  • 4 challenging game tribes each one utilizing a different game strategy
  • High quality artificial intelligence for all computer opponents
  • 2 human player Versus Mode, also simultaneously available with computer opponents
  • High resolution graphics, fullscreen modes and multiple game backgrounds
  • High quality funny sound effects
  • Multiple music tracks (a total of 5!) available for high quality music playback mastered at 24 bits
  • Detailed game statistics, game options and personalized High Scores saving
  • World Wide Live (online) Scores availability
  • Gaming unlock mechanism providing more stages with 4 players simultaneously and new Attack Modes
  • Game presentation by the DotRedAkis game mascot
  • Cheat System availability!



    Crazy Space runs on the Dot Red Engine (©) (DRE), which features:

  • Completely reusable & fully documented OOP code for every game
  • Many real-time graphical effects with a fast graphics rendering system based on either OpenGL or DirectX3D on many resolution modes with 32 bit graphics
  • A complete, robust & highly user friendly customizable GUI system
  • Multiple 2D layers support with optional parallax scrolling effects
  • A complete music/sound effects system utilizing the mp3/ogg file compression formats with customized playlists support for multiple track playback based on either OpenAL or DirectSound
  • A complete SQL database backbone for the options/high scores/personalization saving system
  • Online connectivity for online scores system / future online casual gaming
  • Easy conversion to an online demo version using either applet or WebStart technologies
  • Support for enemy artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Support for an elaborate physics engine
  • Compatibility with all major operating systems (Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Linux and all their 32 & 64 bit variants)
  • All  multimedia components packed into a central & fully encrypted executable for protection
  • Installer coming with all relevant libraries for Java 1.6 / C for cross-platform usage without any user involvement
  • Technology base compatible with Google's Android mobile platform

More games to be released soon on this platform!


Dot Red also offers consultancy for technology-based businesses on topics as:

  • Java 1.6-1.7 desktop & server heavy-duty real-time applications
  • High-end OpenGL/GLSL & OpenAL accelerated API implementations on C11/C++11 & Java 1.6-1.7 for commercial applications
  • Multi-threaded N-Core CPU parallelization in C11/C++11 & Java 1.6-1.7 and high-end OpenCL GPU hardware parallelization implementations
  • Multi-platform online/offline deployment of all the above technologies covering Windows, Linux & MacOSX platforms in their 32 & 64 bit variants


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