Voxel Engine Version Release

This page provides a quick review of the Voxel Engine GLSL & GPU Computing image slices reconstruction tool. Version has a number of new and exciting features including:

  • Three extremely fast GLSL Shaders rendering implementations based on raymarching algorithms for interactive voxel engine scene navigation. They utilize Vertex, Geometry & Fragment shaders technologies to fully harness the latest GPU generations and their massively parallel hardware.
  • Extremely fast OpenCL GPU Computing & N-Core Parallelism (N-CP) procedural volumetric creation engine.
  • Fast Voxel Scene L.O.D.
  • Fast Jitter Starting Rays.
  • Fast TriCubic Texture Filtering.
  • Fast Local Voxel Illumination Models with On-the-Fly Gradients (3 local voxel illumination models: Lambertian, Gaussian & Cook-Torrance Physics-Based Microfacets).
  • Fast Cube Capping method using the stencil buffer and GLSL Shaders.
  • Fast FXAA antialias effect.
  • Voxel Volume Rendering UI.
  • Isosurface & Density UI.
  • Transfer Functions UI.
  • Image Processing UI.
  • Image Post-Processing UI
  • Load user slices datasets UI.
  • Smooth(er) Border Edges.
  • Ambient sound engine also built-in the tool.
  • Comes built-in with the Stanford CT Head Demo Stack dataset which pre-loads on the tool's startup process.
  • Standford CT Head & MRI Brain Demo Stacks available here & here.


Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Image 4 Image 5 Image 6
Image 7 Image 8 Image 9


In order to run the program, a GPU Computing / OpenGL 3.3 and above capable graphics card is recommended for best performance. If you experience any problems with running this tool please contact: thanos.theo@dotredconsultancy.com.

Voxel Engine Tool authors: Thanos Theo & Michael Kargas. The core rendering engine is based on the Dot Red Engine (DRE) and on academic prototype voxel rendering work which was part of Michael Kargas's UCL MSc dissertation supervised by Prof. Jan Kautz. The many additions & modificatios (Isosurface & Density support, Procedural Voxel Lighting, Jitter Starting Rays, Voxel Scene L.O.D., Transfers Functions, Image Processing, Post-Image Procesing), User Interface (UI), heavy optimizations & newer raymarcher techniques were implemented by Thanos Theo.

Some more interesting reading material for Voxel Rendering here: Voxel Rendering Tutorials and PDFs.


Windows IconLinux IconApple IconJar Executable For All Platforms (Win, Linux, Mac)

Start Voxel Engine 32/64bit


Windows IconLinux IconApple IconOnline Deployment & Installation For All Platforms (Win, Linux, Mac)

Start Voxel Engine 32/64bit


Start Voxel Engine 64bit


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