Welcome to Dot Red! Our company is an exiting new games company that will revolutionize the casual games industry by bringing fresh game concepts & ideas, backed by a brand new game engine, full of real-time graphic effects and smart computer opponents!

Our games are compatible with all major operating systems, Windows, MacOs & Linux. You can try our games through your browser or download the full trial version for the full gaming experience on your machine!

Dot Red also offers consultancy for technology-based businesses on topics as:

  • Java 1.6/1.7/1.8 desktop & server heavy-duty real-time applications.
  • High-end OpenGL/GLSL & OpenAL GPU accelerated API implementations in C11 & C++11/14/17 & Java 1.6/1.7/1.8 for commercial applications.
  • Multi-threaded N-Core CPU parallelization in C11 & C++11/14/17 & Java 1.6/1.7/1.8 and high-end CUDA & OpenCL GPU hardware parallelization implementations.
  • Multi-platform online/offline deployment of all the above technologies covering Windows, Linux & MacOSX platforms in their 32 & 64 bit variants.

Published work on this website:

A cute puzzle strategy game full of exciting graphic effects and with computer opponents ranging from only 1 to a full blown of 3! It can be played with a second human player on the same computer at the same time as well as against the computer opponents

Crazy Space achieved high acclaim from the Casual Games Industry in October 2007, being one of the finalists in the Main Contest in the CGA Innovative Conference 2007!

Online Game Demo, Screenshots & More Info


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